Famgo Fest is an annual family playpark themed festival where children could enjoy activities that involves education, entertainment, and experience. The objective is to rebrand the event so that target would relate to it. The previous one was too complicated to digest. So we simplified everything and make it more straightforward.

The logo is inspired by basic shapes toys with rounded corner then translated to the typography, we aim to have a friendly, relatable and pop look, also to give a festive feeling we added some details such as highlight, shadow, and details of the typography in some part.

Keeping simplicity of the logo also to achieve timeless design, so the logo can be used as long as possible and works with different variety of the festival’s visual direction in the future.

For the color pallette, we combine primary colors with pastel colors to balance the entire look. The colors compliment each other. These colors often found in children’s toys, books and videos. The color combination helps people to register that this is a family event.

To find balance between clear information and striking visual. We’d like to keep the overall look clean to be more straight forward.


Famgo Fest: Kingdom of Happiness Rebranding

Thanks to Famgo Fest Team and Fairy Floss Party & Favors

Creative Direction by Owi Liunic
Art Direction by Fran Hakim

art direction, branding, illustration