Tanamera had long been at the forefront of the third wave coffee movement in Indonesia. The Ahmad Dahlan branch is just around the neighbourhood from our studio, and it's a great delight to be responsible for their environment design which includes signage and wayfinding.

Through its striking red and black color, the visual language of their existing branding is clearly bold and straightforward. We try to develop typographic expressions to work hand in hand with Tanamera's physical space. We've chosen simple line drawings to illustrate map of Indonesia's island, emphasizing where Tanamera sources their coffee. All this arranged without getting in the way of people having conversations and good time.


Tanamera Environment Design

Creative Direction by Andreas Junus, Irawandhani Kamarga
Art Direction by Owi Liunic, Taja Sukarya
Project Management by Ryan Makasutji

art direction, branding, illustration