Big congrats to Ajaib for their new HQ! Founded in 2019, Ajaib is a fast-growing investment platform in Indonesia. Providing financial technology services such as stock trading and mutual funds. They aim to make stock trading accessible for Millenials through our mobile-first approach with low fees and a friendly user interface. Ajaib has also become the first fully online stock brokerage in Indonesia without offline brokers or branches.

A little back story about the illustration~ I was contacted to give some more magic to their HQ, Magic Space. With the 26x25m2 space they provided, the brief has given me so much freedom to explore the topic of finance and investment in fun & playful ways for young people to take part & raise their awareness in investing to reach their dreams.

Thank you for the awesome opportunity! Love how it turns out! The location is perfect, in front of the elevators where everyone can see. Hoping my artworks can create the fun & collaborative working atmosphere where magic & dreams happen! 💗💰🤑💭🖼💥